Íme a zuglói önkormányzat legsikeresebb terve a városrész zöldfelületeinek növelésére hundefleisch:

Íme a zuglói önkormányzat legsikeresebb terve a városrész zöldfelületeinek növelésére


The organist, upon his throne, awaits the chime, opening his show to the world in bright red colors, hints of bone white marrow goozing through the stream. the preacher playing from his heavenly spot, churning his thoughts out of his Cainly mind. Blessings to the world from the sinister end of the screen we stare at. Bullets railing outside the window, but it’s ok because I taught my dog how to sleep through that nonsense. The last time a firework flew through someone’s window was way back in 97, and I’m not seeing any blue moons tonight. But all the same, this is Independance Day, and we are in America. I’m dodging it in the cold cloud of steel, beaming down the streets, 45 mph, zigging between lanes on a one way street, climbing the day to day mountain, with the swords of our steel stallions shining.


Jil Sander | Resort 2015.

Change your part, change your life. Sometimes the last thing an outfit needs is a little facial hair. You are the moving cursor, capable of making your habitat more habitable. Keeping your nails trimmed keeps you looking less like a crazy person. A prim fountain does not necessarily draw larger crowds, but it may keep it around longer. You don’t want your desk smelling like toe jam. So keep your nail clippers in the bathroom.

I existed. For this long thus far. Part of it is due to keeping my face shaved at the right times, and my nails clipped beneath a certain length. Part of it is due to God’s love, which I truly believe is had for me. A certain, strong sort of love; like the father I always wanted. Mutual but different.

Bad luck is not always my middle name. Sometimes God shows his mercy through me.

When I say ‘his’ I mean ‘hers’ and when I say ‘hers’ I’m breaking up the stream of consciousness by being politically correct.

But there are women who love me more than men: the rate is high. So maybe she is God, except there is no sex and every sex to her.

She’s out there, sweating next to men.

Finding it attractive the fact that every time she looks down to cut a karat, the diamonds round her finger are smiling up at her.